Digital sociology

PhD thesis (2016-...)

Making the source code. A social history of git from 1995 to present time (temporary title). Advisors: Emmanuel Didier and Christophe Prieur.

By tracking the elaboration of git, a collaboration tool designed by and for programmers to collaborate on source code, I study the interactions between digital devices (dispositifs), their makers and their users. Issues about the legitimity of code, the differenciated attitudes towards programming and the management of digital work are central topics of my subject.

I use the traditional methods of the social sciences (archive, field study and statistics) and newer methods enabled by digital tools ("big data", digital ethnography).

Journal RESET (2016-...)

I am a member of the Editorial Board of RESET (Social science research on the Internet).

Sociology of education

In collaboration with Pablo Zamith (a fellow PhD student at MaxPo), I study the recruitement of students at the ENS of Paris, one of France top grandes écoles. Based upon an original survey of the school archives, we are researching how the recruitement impacts the students' carriers using Regression Discontinuity Design.