Software projects

Most of my software projects can be found on Github: gaalcaras .


Academic is a Jekyll theme that I created for my blog and for this website.

Code source available on Github.


A Python tool created during my PhD, mailingListScraper can retrieve mailing list archives, organizing the data and metadata as a database. It's well suited for mailing lists that contain a very big number of emails (several millions).

Code source available on Github.

Computer Skills


Language Level Details
R Advanced Advanced knowledge of ggplot2, data.table, Shiny.
LaTeX Advanced Latexmk is my go-to compiler.
Python Intermediate
JavaScript Intermediate
HTML/CSS Intermediate
PHP, SQL, Assembly, Octave Beginner

Operating Systems

OS Level Details
Linux Advanced ArchLinux on my machines, Ubuntu 16.04 for all my servers.
macOS & Windows Intermediate My knowledge of these systems has faded away since I last used them on a daily basis, but I still can manage if I need to.

Software and tools

Tools Levels Details
vim Ninja I am a NeoVim user, with some more <3 from tmux.
bépo Advanced User of the ergonomic bépo layout since 2015.
Zotero Advanced
WordPress Advanced In a previous life I dealt frequently with WordPress websites. I even created plugins and themes for it.
git Intermediate
Jekyll Intermediate